​Nathan, 8 years old, sings Bob Puffer's song, "Little Puff of Dust" while traveling with Bob and Darleen  in Vermont on September 2013.
​Nathan, 8 years old, plays "Do Lord" on his Martin Guitar in Vermont as Bob and Darleen Puffer sing in September 2013.
​Nathan, 7 years old,  sings Bob Puffer's #1 Country Gospel Chart topping song "The Boat Cannot Sink" while traveling with Bob and Darleen in Maine in August 2012. 
​Nathan, 4 years old,  sings Bob Puffer's song, "It's Good But It's Gonna Get Better" at his home church in Maine back in 2009.

Nathan Clark
​Nathan, 3 years old,  sings Bob Puffer's song, "The Boat Cannot Sink" for his You Tube début in 2008.  
​Nathan, 4 years old,  sings Bob Puffer's song, "A Little Puff of Dust" during one of his first appearances with The Puffers at Living Waters Bible Conference and Camp in 2009.
​Nathan, 11 years old going head to head or Uke to Uke with his friend and mentor, Bob Puffer during a short break in the 2016 concert schedule.